Project Contacts

Please contact the following individuals with any questions or comments you may have on the Elba Liquefaction Project or the EEC Modification Project. You may also submit questions by email or by calling:
Stakeholder Outreach: 1-800-622-4481

Elba Liquefaction Project   

John McCutchen
Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Project Director
(228) 229-0353
Steven Braswell
Southern LNG Company, L.L.C.
Sr. Project Manager II, Engineering
(205) 325-3766

EEC Modification Project

Kirk Mueller
Sr. Project Manager II, Engineering
(205) 914-0684
Projects Support


David Bowers
Manager, Right-of-Way
(205) 325-7278

Tim McKellar
Sr. Environmental Specialist II
(205) 325-7684

Pam Donaldson
Sr. Regulatory Analyst II
(205) 325-3739